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Plants against zombies 2

Posted on October 19 2015 by Andrews

Plants against zombies 2

They are stupid, they are slow, they want to eat you! Holding with an arsenal fortified plant on the approaching zombie apocalypse. In PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies survived only the strongest gardener Dr. Zomboss' invasion of the undead.

The tower defense genre has come in recent years through a lot of games to a considerable popularity. But hardly any other game is so much gone around the world and the epitome of the Tower Defenses become like Plants vs Zombies.
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Here you take on the role of a barricaded house resident who takes over during a degenerating zombie apocalypse, the role of the front yard-General in order to protect his home and his mind against the shambling undead. For her, however, is no weapons in the conventional sense against the Zombies, but resists you with a whole range of plants.

The game has now attained such a level of awareness that Plants vs. Zombies for download on the website of the developer PopCap Games, the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Steam, Origin, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network is distributed. In addition, some exist online offshoots, plus a version for the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Vita.